Increase your revenue with these 4 Shopify SEO techniques

You’ve got a Shopify shop and a fantastic product to sell. You’re confident that your product will be a hit, but you don’t know how to reach more people. Pay-per-click ads are becoming more expensive. You’ve heard of search engine optimization, and you want to learn how Shopify SEO functions. You’re in luck if you can relate. These 4 Shopify SEO tips will help you increase your revenue and get on the first Google page.

Every business began somewhere. Some businesses are so successful, that they can interchangeably use the names of their products and their brands (think Velcro Band-Aid Chapstick Kleenex Jacuzzi, etc.). ). It’s fine if your business hasn’t yet made it to the top. Still, people are searching for your services. Keyword research based on your industry can be a very useful tool for getting you to where you want to go faster.

Google’s keyword reports let you know the exact search terms that people use to find your product. You can also see the top searched terms on a national scale. Here’s an example of a keyword analysis on ‘SEO Help:

This keyword report shows “SEO” being searched 673000 time per month. This is a huge number of potential clients! You can use keywords related to your industry in many different ways to improve the organic search results. All those searches that were previously conducted will now also find your Shopify shop.

At least once, you’ve heard “Content is King”. It’s true. Google loves fresh content. High-quality content is the foundation of all successful Shopify SEO strategies. Content is the key to getting you on page one, especially when combined with keywords related to your industry. Your customers will learn about your brand and products through content writing. Content writing helps you personalize your brand and define your business. By adding blog articles to Shopify, you can rank higher for more searches. This will also expand your digital reach.

Facebook is one of most popular advertising platforms. It’s a great way to reach people who meet certain demographics. Search engines are now recognizing social media engagement for Shopify SEO 2018. You can also engage directly with your customers in a casual way. You can post about a product or tweet an event that you’re attending to generate interest. Social media participation is free.

Google doesn’t see you just because you bought a domain. If you do not submit your sitemap, then you will not appear in any searches. You can ensure that Google web crawlers “see” your business by submitting your sitemap. These sitemaps will add you to Google’s index, making your Shopify store more discoverable.

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