What Are Explainer Videos

what are explainer videos

What are Explainer Videos?

Businesses have embraced the use of explainer videos as a powerful marketing tool. Explaining your product or service is a great way to get people interested. The video can answer all of their questions, which will encourage them to make a purchase. What are explainer video?

What are Explainer Videos?

An explainer video can be a 1 to 3 minute short video that introduces your product, company or service. Why is this such an effective tool? How should you use it? Web Design Matrix has created a lot of explainer video. With so many clients, we have mastered this concept. Explainer videos need to be bright and colorful, with smooth transitions and a mix of text and illustrations. To increase user retention, you need to combine the effects of visual and audio stimuli.

What Makes a Good explainer video?

Take a look at the video we created for a client.

This video explains the service that is being offered by the client. We use clean and simple visual aids to help the viewer clearly understand what is being said.

What’s the difference between an animated explainer video and a recorded explainer video?

You can have a professionally recorded explainer video, with the actor you want to represent the brand. The set is also important. You can spend upwards of $2000. It’s exponentially cheaper than an animated video! The majority of companies do not have the budget for such a production. The animated explainer video can be a great tool.

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Give us a ring if you are interested in creating an animated explainer for your business. Our videographers are happy to discuss your product or service with you and show you how we can create a video that is perfect for you. See our other videos here.