Viral Video Marketing

viral video marketing


Video Marketing is an important factor for all around SEO success. Not completely extinct but almost gone are the days of physically reading a paper, brochure or pamphlet to get that pertinent data. It doesn’t matter if what you’re looking at is for personal enjoyment, business or for a related purchase. Video Marketing is here to stay with major players like YouTube, Vimeo, SnapChat, Periscope, Twitter & Facebook captivating a large audience. Cisco reports that by 2019, Video will account for 80% of all global internet traffic. Don’t let the video marketing train pass you by get on board early and often and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will not suffer. One million minutes of video will be shared each second of the day.

In today’s ever changing world the landscape of advertising has changed drastically and is constantly evolving. Web video advertising and content on social media is a large factor for all major search engine algorithms. Many business owners are looking for video marketing that will boost their conversions and Video SEO on their site. Having a Youtube channel attached to your social media accounts and your website will really help in getting you to that first page of results on Google. Many business owners don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on production cost for traditional TV advertising and default to the much larger audience of the internet. At Web Design Matrix we have made video marketing affordable with an extremely low cost. Our team centric approach to SEO involves producing compelling videos that will answer questions while producing a call to action.

Having videos on the internet is one of the best things you can do to boost your SEO. Some people like to watch reviews and gain insight into the products or services that you are offering before ever deciding to call or even visit your website, Youtube is the visual Google. Everyday all over the world people are surfing the web from their smart phones, watching Youtube videos updating facebook pages, Googling every question they have and looking for business listings and finding directions all from the palm of their hand. The ability to use tags and descriptions and links to aid in your SEO video marketing strategy is a great advantage from Youtube and Google combined.

Why use video marketing you ask, the benefits are endless. You can tell people where you are located in town and more about your facility and how it operates. You can let your prospective customers get to know you on camera, you can post relative content to your business promotions and events to keep your customers informed and also display new products or services. Video marketing and videos for the web have a certain ability to be shared and viewed over and over again. Unlike your everyday TV ad that has the shelflife of the time it is viewed by you and the time you decide to press the mute button on the TV. Product videos, reviews and tutorials; all really help your customer make decisions and that’s what you want on your site, a video tool to assist with getting more conversions. People visiting your site are learning and viewing at the same time. The call to action happen when they buy what you have to offer based off of what you taught them, showed them, or got them interested with your video marketing. Video Marketing is a vital component for seo success today and tomorrow.

Viral videos are another method businesses use to gain publicity and market themselves accordingly. Marketing your business online is as easy as uploading your mission statement to Youtube but if you want to take your efforts to the next level in SEO contact us at today and we can create content that gets you noticed and in front of the world. When your ROI is on the line you can look to video for the solution. You can rest assured that web video isn’t going anywhere for a long time though the format might change or morph to a new platform the method of being able to get in front of your customers from anywhere is what today’s average consumer craves and that’s instant gratification and knowledge. Finding a good topic to make a video out of is your first task when brainstorming ideas for your first video now get started creating your first video today with give us a call at 561-409-6512 or email us at