Custom WordPress Development

custom wordpress development


Many people believe that WordPress is not a good CMS. WordPress offers so much more. It allows you to manage your content as well as build a cohesive site. WordPress is not powerful or secure. This is a myth. Your site will have great functionality and power with custom WordPress development from the right developer. What are some of these features that you can build into your WordPress website?

Custom WordPress Development

Web Design Matrix is a master at creating WordPress websites. We have created hundreds of websites and we know what we can do. There is not much that we cannot do. WordPress’s power is due to the large community of plugin developers. These plug-ins save a lot time by automating certain functions. Subscription sites, for example, are very difficult to code by hand. We can reduce the time spent on each site by half, which in turn lowers the cost for the client. Small businesses can now afford custom functionality.

We can integrate the following basic features into your website

You might think: Why can’t you just add the functionality yourself? We don’t only use plugins. Backend customizations are still being done. Even though it sounds simple, it’s not. Why should you choose a WordPress Development instead of designing your own site on Shopify, or any other all-in one CMS? Web Design Matrix is a real company that has designers who do the work. We’ll be there to answer your phone calls. We’re always here to assist and help you with any problems.

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