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You need professional Shopify SEO services for 4 reasons

Shopify is a popular platform for online businesses. Shopify offers a user-friendly interface and new ways to reach out to more customers. To navigate the ups-and-downs of digital advertising, you need more than just a few blog posts. Shopify SEO is only successful when it’s done right.

Stop wasting money on remarketing campaigns or strategies that aren’t effective. Our Shopify SEO experts can help you boost your eCommerce business using the latest SEO strategies and techniques. Web Design Matrix is your online advertising partner. Our Shopify SEO services will elevate your brand’s status from “Hot New Trend” into a “Must Have Need”.

1. You don’t have a clue what you don’t know.

No marketing agency can pretend to have experience. Search engine optimization, despite what some silver-tongued detectives may try to convince their audience of, is not a skill that can be learned. It’s a finely tuned art. You need to start and manage campaigns in order to understand the subtleties that will deliver results.

SEO is very different in 2018. It was not the same even at this time last year. You don’t have time or access to multiple campaigns, so you won’t be able to know everything you need to know.

2. What is the point of all this?

Keywords are one of the most basic SEO principles that any website can use. Guess what? Over the past year, their usefulness has drastically changed. Google and other major search engines care only about one thing - providing the best possible results to their users.

What does it mean? Keyword-rich content may work well in certain industries, but be useless in others. It’s not as simple as just putting keywords in the right places. Industry-specific keyword reports can help you understand what your customers actually search for. This helps you understand trends and avoid getting false leads.

3. If “Content Is King”, then who is the Queen of that content?

Answering this question is sure to spark debates among digital marketers and agencies. Although backlinks are a key factor in SEO, their importance is disputed by those who insist that great content is all you need.

Truthfully, neither of these positions are 100% accurate. When done correctly, backlinks are extremely useful tools for search engines. Backlinks from a well-established company can help validate a newly launched website. Backlinks can be used incorrectly to further harm your position, and even lower organic search rankings.

4. There isn’t a simple, all-in-one solution.

Pay-per-click advertising. Facebook remarketing. Google AdWords. Influencers on social media. Blogging. Discount codes. Each one has a purpose and can be used to benefit your Shopify shop. Knowing how to use them tactically is what makes Shopify SEO work.

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Web Design Matrix offers free SEO tools to help you identify flaws within your Shopify store. Call 561-409-6512 to speak with an expert about these Shopify SEO Services.