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Questions to Ask a Web Designer

There are many factors to consider when choosing a web design company with whom you will work. A website is an investment that will last a lifetime. The majority of web designers do not like working with sites from other designers. Mostly because each design firm has their own protocol and method. It is difficult to take over a project that has already been started by someone else. Most designers prefer to start from scratch. Let’s move on to the most important questions you should ask a web designer!

What platform will my website be on?

Platform is the most important aspect of your website. You have many options to choose from. WordPress is our top choice. WordPress is the most powerful and versatile platform available. You can integrate powerful ecommerce into your website with the help of powerful plugins like WooCommerce. If there isn’t a WordPress plugin that meets your needs, we can custom code one for you.

What is your web hosting service?

The answer will differ from one company to another. Some companies do not want to be involved in the hosting business. Web Design Matrix offers web hosting, and we actually prefer that our clients are on our servers. It allows us to easily make FTP updates and facilitates future tech support. Our servers are highly secure and uptime is 99.99%.

What information will I need to provide to create the website?

Many companies will require you to provide each and every word of the content, as well as every image used on the website. You know your business much better than us, so we prefer that you provide the content. If you would rather we wrote the content, we have writers who will research the industry and create SEO optimized content.

Will you train me to edit the content of my website?

It is easy to edit pictures and text on a WordPress website. It’s easy to edit and add products to your WooCommerce e-commerce site. Our videos are easy to follow so you can learn how to use your new website. We also offer blocks of time. You can purchase 10-hour blocks and use them at your convenience. Instead of paying $95 per hour, you will only pay $75. You can use these blocks for any service and they never expire.

How soon after my website is ready will it appear on Google’s first page?

Yes, you can! Google AdWords is the answer. Google AdWords allows you to be on the front page of Google the next day, but you will have to pay for each click. If you want to appear naturally, you will have to invest over time. This investment can have a huge ROI. Our most successful and biggest client has done SEO for more than 10 years. They rank today nationally for huge keywords. They make more than 10 million dollars per year because of it! If you want to understand “Natural” Search Engine Optimization, think about the fact that your business will pay for clicks forever if it doesn’t.

Do you regularly backup your website?

We can. We will back up your website daily for a small monthly fee. If for some reason the site is down, we will have backups so that you can get your website back online within a few hours. You can run your business with peace of mind.

Web Design Matrix

Here are some questions you should ask a web designer. We are happy to answer your questions and offer a free 30-minute consultation in our conference room. You can ask us as many questions during this time as you like. This will help you determine if Web Design Matrix is the right choice for your project. We will always be honest with you, and never take on more than we can handle. We’ll contact you within 24 hours if you call today or fill out a contact form.